A Turning

A voyage to resupply the Bleakrock Isle garrison was never an easy one, but the Skald-King always made sure the Sirensbane was well paid for their efforts. And once the trip was done it was always time for a night of carousing in the Fish Stink Tavern, to end in lamentations and missing clothing. Molly shifted her chair closer to the fire, careful to keep her mug of mead from spilling. The night was not as chilly as the nights up north in Bleakrock, but still the sea air was still crisp.


some thoughts on power and lizard brains

So recently I was WORKING HARD and also listening to Day9 play Hearthstone when a serious conversation came up that gave me many thoughts. And since I’m a curmudgeonly old lady who hates tweet threads here I am trying to articulate them in a concise-ish fashion.

The topic came up of “boobie streamers” and all the hate that comes up around them and their boobish ways. I won’t go through the whole thing, but Day9 made some seriously good points, many of which ended in a more eloquent version of “just be a kind human being”.

Reactionary Thoughts and The Measured Response

A Facebook friend shared an article today that was really well-written and hit me in a slightly uncomfortable place and I had to puzzle out why that was. It didn't take long. The article - "A Widow's Rage Defense of Patton Oswalt's Engagement" written by Erica Roman - is beautifully written and gets to the heart of the matter very well. But the thing that really hit me was reading some of the judgmental comments that inspired the article.

It Gets Better, With Work

I had to process a lot of feelings today, and now I sit listening to Audioslave trying to put words to some of them. Audioslave was my first real introduction to Chris Cornell’s voice, but I did get into Soundgarden later. I was never a devoted fan but I often listened to those tunes when I was feeling down or angry. As a friend told me earlier today, when a public figure takes their own life there are ripples. Those of us who have considered or tried the same thing have to take stock.


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