Collaboration: don't be that guy.

Really, this is less of a post and more of an excuse for me to relate the most hilariously awful gaming experience of my life.  Its been forever since I wrote anything (even for the Starcraft Diaries, though I have TONS of material) so I'm hoping to get the brain juices flowing once more.  Alrighty.  So, there's a group that meets every other Saturday at my preferred game store to play Pathfinder.  I love me some Pathfinder, so I decided to join one of the open tables.

D&D Next

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons isn't a video game.  But without it, I doubt the single-player RPG would have happened at all.  And lets be honest, RPGs are like the really cool girl in high school that all the other genres want to dress like.  The concept of leveling up has snuck into the God of War series, Devil May Cry, Assassin's Creed, and tons of others.  And besides, this is my blog, and there's maybe three people who are going to read this.  So I write what I want!  Suck it, my girlfriend is Science!

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