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A horrible thing has happened recently - I've kind of lost my engagement in the single player game. This is bollocks and cannot stand. I half blame work - this is practically the first time I've worked a full time job ever. Say what you will about bartending and waiting tables (and I can... at length), you can definitely make enough to live on working only part time. 8 hours is a lot of hours, folks. A good deal of the time when I get home all I feel good for is watching teevee and mooking around the internet. Another factor is the bullshit depression, of course.

To be or not to be... a vampire in Skyrim

Oh, that was bad.  Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself.  Awful puns aside, one of the big questions in Elder Scrolls games is this - Is being a vampire fun or just annoying?  Yes, the concept of being a bloodthirsty creature of the night is pretty awesome, but Elder Scrolls packs enough disadvantages into it to put some people off.  I've been playing as a vampire for some time now, so I thought I'd share my opinion (which is obviously totally right).


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