The progression into madness

So I want to test and make sure this website still works so I pulled up an interesting descent into oblivion that I record during the less-than-30-day period where I wasn't tweeting much. So this is what happened when I tried to start creating a sub-theme for my site. I could put this in a ul, but that would be too much work for the amount of actual thinking that was done here.

I'm curious, how many other wannabe website developers have gone through similar woes? Anyways, it begins with a thought.

Grab some popcorn, this is gonna be long

So today, because I started to be very entertained by the thoughts that were popping into my head I am just including the whole thought document. Enjoy.

I wanted to watch the original Ghost in the Shell last night but I fell asleep. It will be a miracle if I ever manage to stay up past 10 at any point.

I feel like tweeting that it is interesting having thoughts and not tweeting them. I am stuck in a recursive potency-tweet cycle.

I have lost 3 pounds. It is a start.

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