Don't get me started on Ghost in the Shell. Instead, here's some random crap I've been thinking about.

So the world-building I’ve been doing for a story has gotten me thinking about quantum physics and the role of the observer in the universe. There are some that say that we shape reality by observing it and there are sciency arguments for that. The idea of an objective reality makes a lot of sense, but then you get into the question of perception and how what is outside of us gets in. We still haven’t found the smallest unit of matter, so what if matter is not a discrete quantity? Kind of hurts my mind thinking about it. This brings up our experiences and how they shape us.

I had a metaphor for this post but it involved masticating and was gross

Self-improvement has been on my mind a lot lately, which is probably obvious given the subject matter of my last few blogs. It is true that over the years I’ve adopted a more… loving view of the universe and other people but it’s important not to forget that progress is ongoing. I was reminded of that today when a friend pointed out that something I said on Twitter was more than a bit dickish. I deleted that particular thing because he was right, I was frustrated and said something unkind. Thinking about it more brought a few things to light in my mind.

Braised sentences with a small word salad side

This is what happens when I start thinking about possibilities right before I have to go home from work. Right now my brain is like a tiny excitable dog, everything is happening all at once and nothing can be focused on for more than a couple seconds. My brother said something really awesome to me the last time we talked and that is “you have an incredibly powerful brain, you just need to point it at something”. Well, for the most part I think I’ve found the thing I want to point it at.

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