Multiplayer - or "Lay the hell off, I'm trying to have fun here!"

I was playing the Mass Effect 3 MP this morning and something occurred to me.  I'm know I'm not the first one who's wanted separate sections in multiplayer games - one for normal people with lives and one for those bionic kids (and unemployed adults, lets be honest) who spend all damn day getting headshots and climbing leaderboards.  But the main reason I want such a separation is because sometimes the mouth-breathing hordes start to make me feel a little guilty for not being more obsessed with a game.  That's just craziness on my part.

Top 10 Rage Quit Moments

Apparently there's a new God of War game coming out, and I want to talk about that.  But I'm trying to develop my thoughts somewhere beyond "... really?" so I'm killing some time.  We've all experienced these moments - the ones where you want to bang your head against the keyboard, throw your controller against the wall, and scream until your roommates threaten violence.  The cool thing about rage quit moments is that we all have different ones.  Something that was incredibly frustrating for me might have taken someone else no time at all.


To be or not to be... a vampire in Skyrim

Oh, that was bad.  Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself.  Awful puns aside, one of the big questions in Elder Scrolls games is this - Is being a vampire fun or just annoying?  Yes, the concept of being a bloodthirsty creature of the night is pretty awesome, but Elder Scrolls packs enough disadvantages into it to put some people off.  I've been playing as a vampire for some time now, so I thought I'd share my opinion (which is obviously totally right).

A Public Service Announcement

There's another complaint I've come across frequently regarding Mass Effect 3, and this one I find to be completely justified - the broken face importer. Interestingly, the only people I've heard talk about this are the ones complaining about how their FemShep was ruined. I guess not too many dude Shepards are quite as into the facial customization. Which is fair - DudeShep is pretty smoking.



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