The Old Republic: An Addendum

I remembered a few things this morning that I had intended to put into my post yesterday, so I’m making this a two-fer.  That’s probably for the best - that last post would have been a serious wall of text if I’d added more to it.  One thing I will revise about my customization review - I haven’t found a way to dye my clothes or transmute them (if I find a look I want but need the stats from something else).  How am I supposed to cavort about the galaxy as the eyeball-shattering unholy spangled diva that I clearly am with these horrifyingly drab outfits?  HOW?

Jogo do Capoeira (the other best game in the world)

If your predictive searching turns up the same phrases mine does, when you enter the words “capoeira is” into Google three out of the four phrases that come up first will include “stupid”, “useless”, and “a joke”.  Of course this ticks me off more than a little, but I realize that a lot of these opinions come from a place of ignorance and misunderstanding.  In fact, the majority of the people to whom I mention that I play capoeira either react with “What’s that?” or “Oh, you mean like Only the Strong?”  Oh my god, that movie.

Storytelling in Games (there may be spoilers)

I've been thinking a lot about stories in videogames for a couple reasons, partially because I still haven't been able to force myself away from Starcraft and Guild Wars 2 and pick up Assassin's Creed 3 finally.  Its the first time in my life that games with a lesser emphasis on story have held me away from other games.  That's not to say those two games don't have a story, but its not the biggest focus.  The single player campaign for Starcraft was really well done and by the end if Jim Raynor hadn't rescued the Queen of Blades I would have raged at the screen like Rush Limbaugh.


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