Thanksgiving Weekend Movie Trifecta

This year marked the first paid Thanksgiving holiday of my life, and it was glorious.  Seriously, restaurant industry?  Screw you right in the face with a chainsaw.  You made me hate the holidays but no longer!  I still twitch when I hear Christmas music, but who doesn't these days?  Anyways, I had an amazing weekend - spent time with family, played some games, bought myself some clothes, and saw three movies in the theater.  A 4-day weekend seemed like the logical choice for catching all the movies I wanted to see but didn't have time in my normal daily life.

Hearthstone Beta Impressions

The other day I got a nice surprise in the form of a Hearthstone Beta key.  I'd kind of forgotten I'd signed up for it, to be honest.  The only deck building game I've ever played is Magic: The Gathering but the small amount of time I've spent on it taught me that I really enjoy assembling decks.  Spending a crap-ton of money on cards to get a good deck, not so much though.  I am pleased to report that I have spent zero dollars on Hearthstone but in the two days I've been playing I've gotten 4 card packs which have enabled me to build a fairly solid deck.  Ten points to Blizzardclaw.

The Old Republic: An Addendum

I remembered a few things this morning that I had intended to put into my post yesterday, so I’m making this a two-fer.  That’s probably for the best - that last post would have been a serious wall of text if I’d added more to it.  One thing I will revise about my customization review - I haven’t found a way to dye my clothes or transmute them (if I find a look I want but need the stats from something else).  How am I supposed to cavort about the galaxy as the eyeball-shattering unholy spangled diva that I clearly am with these horrifyingly drab outfits?  HOW?


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