In which I make Internet doe eyes at Spotify and some of my favorite artists

I’ve said before that I’m a Spotify evangelist and that is completely the truth. I pay $10 a month to them for unlimited, commercial free music streaming on any device. Some people might say that’s too much to pay, and some people might say I’m getting too much for the money I’m paying. After all, I’m getting on-demand access to a metric ton of music and the amount of time I spend listening means I’m paying pennies per play. So if this post sounds too worshipful of the service, I do apologize. Hahaha, LIES, I don’t apologize for stuff.


Playlist Thursday: The Pleasure that My Sadness Brings

Aristotle defines tragedy as something providing a "catharsis of pity and fear", which is a fancy pants way of saying tragedy lets us feel strong emotions like loss or fear or pain without the real triggering life events. A question arises then - why the balls would anyone want to experience that? You could have long-winded debates about that question, take my word for it because I have.


Playlist Tuesday: Owning Problems in the Face

I'm sure we've all experienced the frustration of something not working the way we think it should. Working on a block of code with one missing semicolon, for example. Or trying to align report data with a merge template, as I was doing today. Every brain cell in your body screams that this thing should do what you're trying to get it to do and it just won't do it. Maybe an inner dialogue happens...


nomikkh's Greater Theory of Mixtapes

I learned a lot from High Fidelity- John Cusak can be a pretty attractive asshole, its really best not to dwell on the past, and you must always start a mix tape off with a whopper of a song but the followup is just as important. In this new age of streaming making a playlist isn't limited any longer by what can fit on a CD or tape, which I kind of think is a shame for the crafting of a really tight mix. The knowledge you've made a truly great mix, where every song should be there and every segue punches you right in the feels, is something really special.

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