Blizzcon 2014 Summary

It is (has been?) official - I've joined the cult of Blizzard. Much as I like to think I was already a full-fledged member, I had never participated in the craziness known as Blizzcon either in person or virtually. This year, however I got my first virtual ticket and literally spent two days glued to my computer screen squeeing like a teenager at a Bieber concert. And because of the generosity of a lovely friend of mine I’m now playing Diablo III, which means every single Blizzard game aside from WoW has sucked me into its blissful maw.

SC Diaries: A Vacation in Bronze and the Quest for Gold

This season the gods of Starcraft (otherwise known as the MMR) saw fit to place me in Bronze league whereupon I cursed the gods, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth and I’m fairly certain I deafened some of my friends on Skype.  Sorry guys.  What happened was this; my placement match was against a Bronze person who tried to cannon rush and then go for the void rays (always with that sequence of events!) and I eventually won.  And was placed rank 70-something in Bronze.  Fury descended upon my soul as a host of swarming harpies, screeching their discontent to the sky.


Starcraft Diaries: Heart of the Swarm

Oh my lord, what is happening right now?  Am I actually writing something?  Has the sky fallen and all the land descended into the desperate chaos of anarchy?  It could be posited that I really like hyperbole.  But yes, words are happening because HoTS happened and I enjoy being completely late to the party.  Just kidding, I’ve had it since opening week but have been busy and haven’t been playing much until this last week. 



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