Dragon Age: Inquisition - A Gathering Storm of Awesome

As inevitable as the coming tide is Sarah writing a blog post about Dragon Age. I haven’t finished the game yet, but the time has come. I can no longer hold back the flood of fangirlish glee about this game, and anyone foolhardy enough to continue reading will be subject to adoration of the very highest order. Hyperbole, you say?

By Blackwall’s Glorious Beard, I am not even joking. I could go on for zarking days. But those are days I could be spending playing the game.

ESO First Impressions

ESO seems like the trendy thing to be discussing lately on the Internets.  Will it fail?  Is it really an ESO game?  Will it fail?  And so on.  Unfortunately I appear to have a somewhat unpopular opinion based on the people I've interacted with, and that is that its a flawed but ultimately incredibly fun game that's worth the money I spent on it.

Bloodsucking Fiends - Vampires and Feminism what?

It could be said that I like vampires quite a bit.  It could also be said that the sky is a very nice shade of blue today, zebras generally have stripes, and for the most part fish like to be in water.  Are you picking up what I'm laying down, here?  Vampires are pretty much my favorite fictional creature after dragons.  I've tried to pin down why that is, and I've got two possible reasons.


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