The Competitive Edge

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being in a Starcraft 2v2 tournament - albeit an informal one - is that I hate team sports just as much as I did when I was in high school. Also that my competitive impulse is very internalized - by that I mean I don’t (for the most part) care about winning, but I do care a great deal about playing well and getting better. The two things are most likely related.

Why the Balls Do I Have a Contact Page?

I've gotten some pretty good feedback about this site and I like the simple design. Its about time I made it easier to read - I'm surprised anyone stuck around with that white text on black nonsense honestly. The features you can implement with Drupal are seriously amazing - see those little share buttons down there? I am NOT websitedly talented and I managed to configure those in an hour or so. I kind of wish I hadn't said that now - pay no attention! This site was super hard to make and I am a GENIUS. Brilliant I tell you! Ahem.

Project Obrigado: Self-Care and Tracking

Alright, enough fun stuff!  Or not, actually.  Speculating and plotting out aspects of my brainchild is fun.  I took a bit of a break because I want to lay out the self-care aspects of the game, but I’m still kind of puzzling over how I want it to work.  I’m still going with the idea of logging activities and having those activities affect your characters Equilibrium/Endurance stats, but its a little hard to nail down what those activities should consist of.


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