Sinking Feelings

Sometimes the worst thing to ask a depressed person is to talk about their feelings. Its why when people ask me how I’m doing most of the time I answer with “Fine”. Finding the words to express what’s going on my head is difficult, approaching impossible. But I feel like if I don’t try I’m really going to go off the deep end so here goes.

My Life Of Smoking

Ok, first off it hasn't been my *whole* life, guys. I didn't start smoking when I was 7 or anything. I actually started relatively late. It wasn't something I was pushed into, because I didn't really have any peers to pressure me. I remember being 19, back when the dinosaurs roamed the land and walking into store and seeing the cigarettes. "I could buy those," I thought. So I did. Out of curiosity mostly, and the delicious feeling of doing something forbidden. Then I smoked one.



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