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Oh, you're so cute when you're angry

Apparently I'm not done talking about multiplayer, because shortly after posting about how obsessively competitive players might need to take a chill pill every so often something happened that illustrated my point exactly.  I've been getting more and more in the ME3 multiplayer, mostly because I'm too broke to buy any new games.  So I've been sucking less and less over time, getting used to different classes, etc.

Multiplayer - or "Lay the hell off, I'm trying to have fun here!"

I was playing the Mass Effect 3 MP this morning and something occurred to me.  I'm know I'm not the first one who's wanted separate sections in multiplayer games - one for normal people with lives and one for those bionic kids (and unemployed adults, lets be honest) who spend all damn day getting headshots and climbing leaderboards.  But the main reason I want such a separation is because sometimes the mouth-breathing hordes start to make me feel a little guilty for not being more obsessed with a game.  That's just craziness on my part.


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