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A Defense of Fan Fiction and a Condemnation of Geek Shame

I know what you’re thinking.  “Fan fiction?!  But that’s a cesspool of Mary Sues, horrifying slash, and rampant orgies thinly veiled as alien rituals!”  And you would be correct to some degree.  There is some really bad fanfic out there - I know because I’ve read quite a bit of it.  My favorite was a Star Trek TNG fic where the main character, the most Mary Sue-est of Mary Sues, commits suicide with an eyelash and a thumbnail clipping to force Capt. Picard to forget his love for her and be comforted in the pillowy bosoms of Dr. Beverly Crusher.

Oh, you're so cute when you're angry

Apparently I'm not done talking about multiplayer, because shortly after posting about how obsessively competitive players might need to take a chill pill every so often something happened that illustrated my point exactly.  I've been getting more and more in the ME3 multiplayer, mostly because I'm too broke to buy any new games.  So I've been sucking less and less over time, getting used to different classes, etc.


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