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some thoughts on power and lizard brains

So recently I was WORKING HARD and also listening to Day9 play Hearthstone when a serious conversation came up that gave me many thoughts. And since I’m a curmudgeonly old lady who hates tweet threads here I am trying to articulate them in a concise-ish fashion.

The topic came up of “boobie streamers” and all the hate that comes up around them and their boobish ways. I won’t go through the whole thing, but Day9 made some seriously good points, many of which ended in a more eloquent version of “just be a kind human being”.

A Defense of Fan Fiction and a Condemnation of Geek Shame

I know what you’re thinking.  “Fan fiction?!  But that’s a cesspool of Mary Sues, horrifying slash, and rampant orgies thinly veiled as alien rituals!”  And you would be correct to some degree.  There is some really bad fanfic out there - I know because I’ve read quite a bit of it.  My favorite was a Star Trek TNG fic where the main character, the most Mary Sue-est of Mary Sues, commits suicide with an eyelash and a thumbnail clipping to force Capt. Picard to forget his love for her and be comforted in the pillowy bosoms of Dr. Beverly Crusher.


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