Burning Questions about Hearthstone Manners

That title sounds like a personal problem. The questions are burning, are they? Maybe its time to get over the embarrassment and have a doctor look at that. I kill me. Oh by the way, this could get a little pompous. Its one of those days.

So as usual I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone, more than ever since they released it for Android. I now have something to do on my lunch break besides read the dozens of books on my “To Read” list! Is that a good thing? Maybe not. But that is neither here nor there.

The Other HoTS: Heroes of the Storm Alpha Impressions

I don't really understand why Blizzard decided to name their new MOBA something with the exact same acronym as Heart of the Swarm, but there you are. The ways of Blizzard are a mystery, not to be understood by mortals. I further don't know what it is about Blizzard that makes me want to play all their games - I only got into Magic: The Gathering for a hot minute until I kind of got bored but I play Hearthstone like a damn maniac.

Hearthstone Beta Impressions

The other day I got a nice surprise in the form of a Hearthstone Beta key.  I'd kind of forgotten I'd signed up for it, to be honest.  The only deck building game I've ever played is Magic: The Gathering but the small amount of time I've spent on it taught me that I really enjoy assembling decks.  Spending a crap-ton of money on cards to get a good deck, not so much though.  I am pleased to report that I have spent zero dollars on Hearthstone but in the two days I've been playing I've gotten 4 card packs which have enabled me to build a fairly solid deck.  Ten points to Blizzardclaw.

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