The Other HoTS: Heroes of the Storm Alpha Impressions

I don't really understand why Blizzard decided to name their new MOBA something with the exact same acronym as Heart of the Swarm, but there you are. The ways of Blizzard are a mystery, not to be understood by mortals. I further don't know what it is about Blizzard that makes me want to play all their games - I only got into Magic: The Gathering for a hot minute until I kind of got bored but I play Hearthstone like a damn maniac.

Beauty in Unexpected Places: NOS4A2

I figure its about time to ramble a bit about a book I like. Fair warning, pretty much all the book posts I'll end up writing will be about books I enjoyed. Early-twenties Sarah would have gone on at length about how awesome a good hating is for the system, but that was my early twenties self. She was bit of a judgey bitch. Older, wiser Sarah finds that being enthusiastic about cool things is much more satisfying than hating on uncool things.


Playlist Tuesday: Owning Problems in the Face

I'm sure we've all experienced the frustration of something not working the way we think it should. Working on a block of code with one missing semicolon, for example. Or trying to align report data with a merge template, as I was doing today. Every brain cell in your body screams that this thing should do what you're trying to get it to do and it just won't do it. Maybe an inner dialogue happens...


Workin' through the backlog. With possible streaming.

Thanks to Steam sales and my tendency to spend money on used games when I need a pick-me-up I've acquired quite the backlog of games. Well, maybe its not the worst ever but for me its pretty bad. And these days when I think to myself "Hey I should really get on this list" I end up frozen with indecision until I inevitably start playing Hearthstone or watching Supernatural again. So I figured I'd ask the Internet for help!


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