Thoughts on Being a Master of Dungeons

Its almost been a year since I started running my very first tabletop RPG campaign! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, as I hope my players have been having. Running a game has actually been one of the most rewarding experiences of this past year - I’ve gotten to stretch my creative muscles and I’ve made some great friends that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I think anyone who enjoys tabletop gaming should try their hand at running a game at least once. Its a lot of work, but it is super worth it.

Gaming Update: Moar ESO

I could be wrong, but I think I've joined the ranks of Those Who Play MMORPGers. After a long time away from ESO I've jumped back into it and I'm honestly having more fun than ever. I'm not saying its a perfect game by any means, but I've experienced more of the gaming time warp with it than I have in a long time. I love the crafting, and since the patch enchanting has been easier to level up which I'm happy about. Still slow, though. Man. I have noticed myself falling into some hilarious MMMORPGer (or it could be the MMORPGer combined with the Elder Scrolls player) behaviors though.

Random Stuff

A horrible thing has happened recently - I've kind of lost my engagement in the single player game. This is bollocks and cannot stand. I half blame work - this is practically the first time I've worked a full time job ever. Say what you will about bartending and waiting tables (and I can... at length), you can definitely make enough to live on working only part time. 8 hours is a lot of hours, folks. A good deal of the time when I get home all I feel good for is watching teevee and mooking around the internet. Another factor is the bullshit depression, of course.

Comic Con Diary: Day 1 AM: Airport Edition

Holy shit I turn crazy around this time of year. After barely being able to concentrate at work, having to run around the block to burn off energy, threatening to Skype people screaming, and singing in the apartment at the top of my lungs I am finally at the airport. Funny story, after all that i underestimated how long it would take to get my bags checked and missed my flight by like a minute. So I'm on standby for the next one, never fear. I've been on standby before, but in previoius intances it totally wasn't my fault. Really.


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