ZOMG I am an effing genius.

If by genius I mean, "one who foolishly tries to update a website without verified backup and than manages to piece the damn thing together again". The fact that this thing looks almost exactly like it used to took some database tango on a truly impressive scale. Some of the posts are out of order, some comments were lost, and there are some broken images on old posts that I haven't been able to fix yet. In memorial of all those broken images, above is one of my favorites. It makes me lol.

Entertaining Despair

Rose was not fond of March, its limbo between winter and spring gave her a feeling of hanging in midair. The days were cold but without snow, somewhat wet but nothing bloomed. It reminded her of an indecisive middle-aged man failing to pick out a suit coat - not something she actively hated but was annoyed only when she happened to encounter it. The day that Despair came knocking was a perfect example of March. Drizzle would fall for ten minutes and stop, the sun would make a pathetic effort to break through a cloud and every once in a while the wind made a little noise.


Webpocalypse: The Webbening

Clever right? Anyways, what happened here? Short answer, I'm an idiot. Always back up your shit, and if you think you've already backed it up GO EFFING CHECK. I have a database full of the content I've created up to now, but I can't figure out how to link it up with this Drupal installation. Well, this website was kind of an experiment anyways.


My thoughts on Gamergate

I realize I’m again late to the party here, but there’s a good reason for that. When I first heard about the mindblowingly inane Gamergate, I didn’t believe it was real at first. With my head buried in the sand, I thought there was no possible way a movement started by the vicious ravings of an ex could possibly come to anything in this day and age. I laugh sadly at my own naivete. Then, my horror ever growing I realized it wasn’t going away.


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