Entertaining Despair

Rose was not fond of March, its limbo between winter and spring gave her a feeling of hanging in midair. The days were cold but without snow, somewhat wet but nothing bloomed. It reminded her of an indecisive middle-aged man failing to pick out a suit coat - not something she actively hated but was annoyed only when she happened to encounter it. The day that Despair came knocking was a perfect example of March. Drizzle would fall for ten minutes and stop, the sun would make a pathetic effort to break through a cloud and every once in a while the wind made a little noise.


Webpocalypse: The Webbening

Clever right? Anyways, what happened here? Short answer, I'm an idiot. Always back up your shit, and if you think you've already backed it up GO EFFING CHECK. I have a database full of the content I've created up to now, but I can't figure out how to link it up with this Drupal installation. Well, this website was kind of an experiment anyways.


My thoughts on Gamergate

I realize I’m again late to the party here, but there’s a good reason for that. When I first heard about the mindblowingly inane Gamergate, I didn’t believe it was real at first. With my head buried in the sand, I thought there was no possible way a movement started by the vicious ravings of an ex could possibly come to anything in this day and age. I laugh sadly at my own naivete. Then, my horror ever growing I realized it wasn’t going away.

Thoughts on Being a Master of Dungeons

Its almost been a year since I started running my very first tabletop RPG campaign! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, as I hope my players have been having. Running a game has actually been one of the most rewarding experiences of this past year - I’ve gotten to stretch my creative muscles and I’ve made some great friends that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I think anyone who enjoys tabletop gaming should try their hand at running a game at least once. Its a lot of work, but it is super worth it.


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