Dragon Age: Inquisition - A Gathering Storm of Awesome

As inevitable as the coming tide is Sarah writing a blog post about Dragon Age. I haven’t finished the game yet, but the time has come. I can no longer hold back the flood of fangirlish glee about this game, and anyone foolhardy enough to continue reading will be subject to adoration of the very highest order. Hyperbole, you say?

By Blackwall’s Glorious Beard, I am not even joking. I could go on for zarking days. But those are days I could be spending playing the game.

In which I make Internet doe eyes at Spotify and some of my favorite artists

I’ve said before that I’m a Spotify evangelist and that is completely the truth. I pay $10 a month to them for unlimited, commercial free music streaming on any device. Some people might say that’s too much to pay, and some people might say I’m getting too much for the money I’m paying. After all, I’m getting on-demand access to a metric ton of music and the amount of time I spend listening means I’m paying pennies per play. So if this post sounds too worshipful of the service, I do apologize. Hahaha, LIES, I don’t apologize for stuff.


Blizzcon 2014 Summary

It is (has been?) official - I've joined the cult of Blizzard. Much as I like to think I was already a full-fledged member, I had never participated in the craziness known as Blizzcon either in person or virtually. This year, however I got my first virtual ticket and literally spent two days glued to my computer screen squeeing like a teenager at a Bieber concert. And because of the generosity of a lovely friend of mine I’m now playing Diablo III, which means every single Blizzard game aside from WoW has sucked me into its blissful maw.

My Life Of Smoking

Ok, first off it hasn't been my *whole* life, guys. I didn't start smoking when I was 7 or anything. I actually started relatively late. It wasn't something I was pushed into, because I didn't really have any peers to pressure me. I remember being 19, back when the dinosaurs roamed the land and walking into store and seeing the cigarettes. "I could buy those," I thought. So I did. Out of curiosity mostly, and the delicious feeling of doing something forbidden. Then I smoked one.



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