Heroes of the Storm: All the Love for Brightwing

After playing Heroes of the Storm for a while I think everyone has the experience of finding one (or more) heroes that just completely click with their playstyle. I was lucky to find mine pretty early, the sparkly and elusive Brightwing. I wanted to play her from the first I heard about the game, honestly. Why? She’s cute, and turns people into squirrels. If squirrels aren't a valid reason to play a hero, I really don’t know what is. Brightwing isn’t the only hero I wanted to play from the look alone - I dabble in E.T.C.

Sinking Feelings

Sometimes the worst thing to ask a depressed person is to talk about their feelings. Its why when people ask me how I’m doing most of the time I answer with “Fine”. Finding the words to express what’s going on my head is difficult, approaching impossible. But I feel like if I don’t try I’m really going to go off the deep end so here goes.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - A Gathering Storm of Awesome

As inevitable as the coming tide is Sarah writing a blog post about Dragon Age. I haven’t finished the game yet, but the time has come. I can no longer hold back the flood of fangirlish glee about this game, and anyone foolhardy enough to continue reading will be subject to adoration of the very highest order. Hyperbole, you say?

By Blackwall’s Glorious Beard, I am not even joking. I could go on for zarking days. But those are days I could be spending playing the game.

In which I make Internet doe eyes at Spotify and some of my favorite artists

I’ve said before that I’m a Spotify evangelist and that is completely the truth. I pay $10 a month to them for unlimited, commercial free music streaming on any device. Some people might say that’s too much to pay, and some people might say I’m getting too much for the money I’m paying. After all, I’m getting on-demand access to a metric ton of music and the amount of time I spend listening means I’m paying pennies per play. So if this post sounds too worshipful of the service, I do apologize. Hahaha, LIES, I don’t apologize for stuff.



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