Goodbye and Thank You

Today the entire world mourns the passing of a truly great man in Leonard Nimoy. The news hit me particularly hard this morning, as he’s been something of an idol for me since I was pretty young. Not only was he the amazing Spock, but he could also be silly with that fantastic Bilbo Baggins song. In order to really convey how much Mr. Nimoy’s work meant to me, I’ll have to wax personal a little bit. I hope no one minds.

Burning Questions about Hearthstone Manners

That title sounds like a personal problem. The questions are burning, are they? Maybe its time to get over the embarrassment and have a doctor look at that. I kill me. Oh by the way, this could get a little pompous. Its one of those days.

So as usual I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone, more than ever since they released it for Android. I now have something to do on my lunch break besides read the dozens of books on my “To Read” list! Is that a good thing? Maybe not. But that is neither here nor there.

Zeratul: The Nibnard Edition

For the record, I cannot play Zeratul very well. I understand the basic principle of going after the weak ones and finishing them off from the shadows. But as my kill/death ratio with Zeratul can attest, understanding and execution are two completely different things. I always seem to find myself flailing into the middle of team battles completely without realizing what I’m doing. But like when I first picked up Starcraft, I am determined to be good at this character. I will throw myself at Zeratul until one of us breaks. Or there are babies.


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