Final Fantasy XIII: A Concession

This isn't the first time I've run at the mouth about Final Fantasy XIII, and my opinions weren't exactly favorable. I stand by what I said, and to this day will probably never finish it even though I stopped mere moments away from the final boss. The battle system, as visually frenetic as it was, bored me to tears. I miss the days when you had to spend hours excavating the secrets in a labyrinthine Final Fantasy system.


Nitpicking Skyrim: Combat

Before I get going on this, I would like to say something. I love Skyrim. I have already spent more hours on it than I want to admit to. I love wandering around the countryside catching butterflies, and I love sneaking up behind people to slit their throats. The addiction, she is strong. But I had to take the blinders off and admit its not a flawless work of art, and the combat is a big contributor to that.


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