Braised sentences with a small word salad side

This is what happens when I start thinking about possibilities right before I have to go home from work. Right now my brain is like a tiny excitable dog, everything is happening all at once and nothing can be focused on for more than a couple seconds. My brother said something really awesome to me the last time we talked and that is “you have an incredibly powerful brain, you just need to point it at something”. Well, for the most part I think I’ve found the thing I want to point it at.

Letters to the Void

It's probably been long enough since I updated this site that unless I ask people to come here, no one will find this.... whatever this gibberish is about to be. Which is fine with me - I think I said in an earlier post that it can be somewhat comforting to post something publicly but not to a particular person. Shouting to the void, you might say.


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