Starcraft Diaries #1

Moving to a different state is hard - its expensive, you have to find a whole new social circle, to say nothing of finding a new job.  I don't regret it for one second, however, as this move is part of what I'm hoping will be the start of "Life 2.0" where I figure out how to do what I love and make a living instead of just settling for something that makes me enough to pay the bills but slowly saps my will to live.  So, goodbye bartending/serving and walking home with tips every night and hello poverty.  Also, to quote a horribly beaten horse, you can take the girl out of California...


D&D Next

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons isn't a video game.  But without it, I doubt the single-player RPG would have happened at all.  And lets be honest, RPGs are like the really cool girl in high school that all the other genres want to dress like.  The concept of leveling up has snuck into the God of War series, Devil May Cry, Assassin's Creed, and tons of others.  And besides, this is my blog, and there's maybe three people who are going to read this.  So I write what I want!  Suck it, my girlfriend is Science!


Oh, you're so cute when you're angry

Apparently I'm not done talking about multiplayer, because shortly after posting about how obsessively competitive players might need to take a chill pill every so often something happened that illustrated my point exactly.  I've been getting more and more in the ME3 multiplayer, mostly because I'm too broke to buy any new games.  So I've been sucking less and less over time, getting used to different classes, etc.

Sample MP player type quiz

Ok, so in my last post I posited having some sort of test you take before playing a multiplayer game to direct you to a section with others like yourself.  Here's the one I came up with for Mass Effect 3.

How do you feel when you fail a mission?
a)  Fine, I guess.  There's always a next time.
b)  I throw my mouse at the screen with rage and contemplate suicide.


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