Assorted Musings

The last few days have been sadly void of many solid ideas I feel like I can articulate yet, probably because its been a bit of a crap week.  Some people become more prolific when they’re having a hard time of it, but I find my creativity takes a nose-dive when the depression kicks into high gear and I can’t really organize my thoughts.  So I’ve decided to switch gears a little for this post and instead of talking about one thing in detail I’m just going to throw some stuff out there that’s been careening around in my brain.

Is it possible to Gamify mental health?

Gamification is fairly trendy these days.  Companies are trying to use it to boost productivity, its come up in the education field, and sites like Fitocracy use it to motivate people to exercise more.  It's a subject I’ve followed with curiosity for a while now but never had any specific area I thought it should be a part of that someone hadn’t already thought of until now.  


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