Thanksgiving Weekend Movie Trifecta

This year marked the first paid Thanksgiving holiday of my life, and it was glorious.  Seriously, restaurant industry?  Screw you right in the face with a chainsaw.  You made me hate the holidays but no longer!  I still twitch when I hear Christmas music, but who doesn't these days?  Anyways, I had an amazing weekend - spent time with family, played some games, bought myself some clothes, and saw three movies in the theater.  A 4-day weekend seemed like the logical choice for catching all the movies I wanted to see but didn't have time in my normal daily life.

Hearthstone Beta Impressions

The other day I got a nice surprise in the form of a Hearthstone Beta key.  I'd kind of forgotten I'd signed up for it, to be honest.  The only deck building game I've ever played is Magic: The Gathering but the small amount of time I've spent on it taught me that I really enjoy assembling decks.  Spending a crap-ton of money on cards to get a good deck, not so much though.  I am pleased to report that I have spent zero dollars on Hearthstone but in the two days I've been playing I've gotten 4 card packs which have enabled me to build a fairly solid deck.  Ten points to Blizzardclaw.

Skyrim Mods Cont. - Ponies, Squeaky Noises, and Dangerous Cheese.

Mods are great for enhancing gameplay in Skyrim, of course.  For anyone playing Skyrim I would seriously recommend spending some time poking around the Steam Workshop as there are hundreds of awesome mods by incredibly creative people.  And if you're an aspiring game designer, its also a great way to get your talent out there whether it be in design or level building.  The possibilities are multitudinous, up to and including making the game world completely batshit nuts.

Back to Skyrim: The Moddenning

It has come to my attention that some of my lovely internet friends have not yet played Skyrim and are planning to start soon.  To this I say - Hurray!  Welcome!  Prepare to have the next few weeks of your life dominated with thoughts of ingots and cheese.  And sweetrolls.  And "Will someone for the love of god kill that damn Talos evangelist in Whiterun?!"  Also possibly "If you don't shut the hell up about the Cloud District, Nazeem, I will cut off your head, stuff some basil down your neckhole and have my storm thrall barbecue your ass for dinner."  Oh right, I already did that.


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