The Competitive Edge

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being in a Starcraft 2v2 tournament - albeit an informal one - is that I hate team sports just as much as I did when I was in high school. Also that my competitive impulse is very internalized - by that I mean I don’t (for the most part) care about winning, but I do care a great deal about playing well and getting better. The two things are most likely related.

nomikkh's Greater Theory of Mixtapes

I learned a lot from High Fidelity- John Cusak can be a pretty attractive asshole, its really best not to dwell on the past, and you must always start a mix tape off with a whopper of a song but the followup is just as important. In this new age of streaming making a playlist isn't limited any longer by what can fit on a CD or tape, which I kind of think is a shame for the crafting of a really tight mix. The knowledge you've made a truly great mix, where every song should be there and every segue punches you right in the feels, is something really special.


Why the Balls Do I Have a Contact Page?

I've gotten some pretty good feedback about this site and I like the simple design. Its about time I made it easier to read - I'm surprised anyone stuck around with that white text on black nonsense honestly. The features you can implement with Drupal are seriously amazing - see those little share buttons down there? I am NOT websitedly talented and I managed to configure those in an hour or so. I kind of wish I hadn't said that now - pay no attention! This site was super hard to make and I am a GENIUS. Brilliant I tell you! Ahem.

ESO First Impressions

ESO seems like the trendy thing to be discussing lately on the Internets.  Will it fail?  Is it really an ESO game?  Will it fail?  And so on.  Unfortunately I appear to have a somewhat unpopular opinion based on the people I've interacted with, and that is that its a flawed but ultimately incredibly fun game that's worth the money I spent on it.


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