The progression into madness

So I want to test and make sure this website still works so I pulled up an interesting descent into oblivion that I record during the less-than-30-day period where I wasn't tweeting much. So this is what happened when I tried to start creating a sub-theme for my site. I could put this in a ul, but that would be too much work for the amount of actual thinking that was done here.

I'm curious, how many other wannabe website developers have gone through similar woes? Anyways, it begins with a thought.

My website is boring, I should really customize my own theme. Can't I do that with a Zen sub-theme? Dot dot dotttt....

Installed starterkit zen theme on website
Put website in maintenance mode, changed logo and favicon. Good start!
Turned on Wireframes so can see separations between blocks
Started looking at CSS files
Got confused.
Distracted by configuring various modules, logged into Hubspot and made a lead conversion flow
Installed conversion flow on site.
Still need to figure out redesign.
CSS file mentions web fonts
Try to generate own web font for CSS file
Fails, need to find other resources
Notices there are sass files in theme directory
Decides that maybe should modify the sass files? But how do you do that?
Remembers vaguely trying to do this before and it not working.
Looks up Ruby and Compass, what the hell let’s give it a shot
Dusts off PuTTy.
Shell access not configured for my user. :(
Plainly see SSH option in cPanel, now confused and angry.
Watches video tutorial, which has additional options not present in my user.
Cursing inwardly, logs into parent user to try and enable shell access
Shell access option box greyed out, cannot be checked.
Head hurts, logs into web hosting support portal.
Convinced that this has come up before and thought it was taken care of.
Trying to find old ticket where shell access was requested.
Can’t find it… realizes shell access is granted by package
I have my own package on the server now so that shouldn’t be a problem.
Decides to call web host support. This is ridiculous.
Sees web host has chat option. Glory be!
They want billing username/pass. Which may have changed. Crud.
End chat, log into home computer to check username info file.
Password doesn’t work, seems reasonable since that file is years old.
Resorts to submitting a support ticket.
My head hurts.
Wait, there's a new version of Drupal?

... and so kicks of another rabbit trail of me trying to figure out stuff. I might write a retrospective on that whole process because it is funny to me now.

Look! Buttons!

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