Grab some popcorn, this is gonna be long

So today, because I started to be very entertained by the thoughts that were popping into my head I am just including the whole thought document. Enjoy.

I wanted to watch the original Ghost in the Shell last night but I fell asleep. It will be a miracle if I ever manage to stay up past 10 at any point.

I feel like tweeting that it is interesting having thoughts and not tweeting them. I am stuck in a recursive potency-tweet cycle.

I have lost 3 pounds. It is a start.

Every time I get something done I think hey I wonder how this other thing is doing and all of a sudden I’m buried in work again.

I just had a weird feelings gutpunch like I don’t deserve to live. Like it flashed and was gone, leaving a void in it’s wake. Weird.

Chopin never handled money around other people. He would make people leave their lesson fee on the fireplace. I’m kind of the same way… I even avoid talking about money in social situations.

Aaaaaand work computer freezes up again. IT says I’m getting a new one but, like cake, it may be a lie.

Re: April Fools day.. I really hope Bioware and Bethesda don't announce that they are doing an open-world RPG together set in an alternate fantasy/future world where your character is a poly space wizard who switches skillsets by changing into different outfits. With Gideon Emery, Crispin Freeman and Grey DeLisle voicing the love interests.

That is very specific, I don’t think I have to worry.

This new twitter @ thing is bugging me because it’s hard to tell if I’m responding to someone or just jumping into a conversation unannounced.

Jeez people are already finishing Andromeda… I haven’t even finished the first planet yet. Granted I advanced the story a bit just so the radiation would clear and I could go BACK to the first planet and continue nerping around.

I can’t stand the office without music. It’s like a bright sterile tomb. Thank doge for Spotify.

Should I unfollow some of the non-metal bands I don’t really listen to anymore?

Or not, I should have diverse tastes.

Oh come on, brain aren’t we trying to avoid telling ourselves what we SHOULD be doing? If I did what I should do according to the way I was raised I’d have 5 kids by now and a stale marriage.

I am a mere 30 dust away from crafting Yog-Saron. Then it’s random spells forever. In every deck. With Reno.

Will I ever bring a lunch to work that doesn't involve noodles of some kind?

Eat a vegetable, Sarah.

I feel like I need to read Locke and Key again. Gabriel Rodriguez is an amazing artist.

I cannot wait to get my AFK slug hat.

I had a thought. It’s gone now. RIP.

I know people whose problems are way more life-interrupting than mine. But that doesn’t mean mine don’t matter. There isn’t a “it matters” spectrum. People in pain deserve help.

TFW you get a bag of chips from the vending machine and just as they drop you notice another flavor you’d like to have more.

If I’m ever involved with a database migration again I am going to insist on doing the field mapping myself. No field left behind!

I will insist politely.

I have a thing to do today that I’ve been thinking about trying to automate. Today I might have enough time to do some testing. To the sandbox!

Along those lines, innovation can sometimes be described as lazy people convinced that there’s an easier way to do this.

There’s a folder in a shared drive that has all my success and error files from almost every upload I’ve done in the last 3 years. I’m scared to look at it. I just keep blindly adding to it every time I do an upload.

The Twitch anniversary thing… I mean sometimes I want to share it, but I feel like I’m being all “look at me look at me”. But I don’t feel like that when other people share.

I like deleting things.

Oh man Day9 asked about whether there was ever a good water level in any game and now that is all I can think about.

The underwater stuff in Guild Wars 2 was kinda fun. But not pants-explodingly fun.

Super Mario World water levels were bullshit.

Now I’m googling it… oh that’s right one of the God of War games had a water level… I don’t remember whether or not I liked it.

OK, dig back into the memory banks. Water levels. OH! I’m pretty sure Dino City on the Super Nintendo had a water level. And I’m pretty sure it was ok.

OMG. AMG. OMFG. How could I forget. Kingdom Hearts!!! I loved Atlantica in the first game. Goofy as a turtle. The underwater stuff in the second game was just a singalong. I think.

Man, those were good games. I completed Jiminy’s Journal in KH2. Got the SUPER SPECIAL ending. That’s why I got my tattoo. The artist was super excited about the fine detail.

That reminds me, I never got my Protoss tattoo for getting gold league in SC2. But now I haven’t played for a couple years so it would be weird.

If I ever get out of bronze league in Heroes I am getting a Brightwing tramp stamp.

Ok probably not a tramp stamp. But Brightwing for sure… you’re certainly good at MURDER.

Sweet baby Jeebus this computer just doesn’t want to do anything.

Welp, I shared my 46th month anniversary. Day9 thanked me on stream and then fell off a ledge in Banjo Kazooie. My bad, Day9. But yeah, thanks for all you do.

OK. So. I need something to detect when a date is the month before another date and in the same year.

I made a formula to kick a date out 4 months into the future, I should be able to do this.

So it would be the month - 1 for all months except January, which would be 12. This is doable. I’d have to remember to change the flow every year.

DUDES. YES. It validated on the first save.

Check this business out.

AND( YEAR([Opportunity].date1) = YEAR([Opportunity].date2), OR(MONTH([Opportunity].date1) = (MONTH([Opportunity].date2) - 1),
AND(MONTH([Opportunity].date1) = 12 , MONTH([Opportunity].date2) = 1 ) ) )

*sniff* It’s beautiful.

I frikkin love logic trails.

Or trees. Whatever they are.

Crud. I can’t have it evaluate the next criteria because there are scheduled actions. So I’ll have to make a separate flow. But still, the logic appears sound.

Like GLADOS, I must test.

But now. I must eat. The sandwich place had a huge line so I had to get a pre-made sadwich from the corner store.

See what I did there? SADWICH. bahahaha.

Look! Buttons!


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