Burning Questions about Hearthstone Manners

That title sounds like a personal problem. The questions are burning, are they? Maybe its time to get over the embarrassment and have a doctor look at that. I kill me. Oh by the way, this could get a little pompous. Its one of those days.

So as usual I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone, more than ever since they released it for Android. I now have something to do on my lunch break besides read the dozens of books on my “To Read” list! Is that a good thing? Maybe not. But that is neither here nor there.

So here’s the scenario: I’m playing a game, getting my hindquarters royally swatted and it comes down to the end. The opponent has lethal. Clearly. I can see it. There’s a 9/7 on the board and I’ve got 8 health. No secrets active. And yet, the opponent decides to play every card in their hand they possibly can before killing me. This aggravates me, and if people beat around the bush before killing me I have been known to concede before their turn is over, thus robbing them of the killing blow. Here’s my question - where’s the bad manners?

On the one hand, I’ve heard it said that some people play their whole hand out before killing someone to literally put all their cards on the table, giving their opponent a semi-complete view of the deck that beat them. This seems like an ok thing to do. But it still comes across to me as a dickish way of prolonging the inevitable, of lording a victory over an already cowed opponent. I feel as though I’m being kicked when I’m down, and so I concede. Time is precious, and I want to get on to the next match and try again.

Its impossible to know the motivations of my opponent - it could be they’re genuinely trying to help. But according to the Universal Corollary of Internet Anonymity to Dickitude, and my own cynicism, I find it hard to have faith in my opponent’s benevolence. Also, by the end of the game I generally have a good concept of the deck that beat me. I’ve built decks based on decks that beat me, I can get the general idea with average quickness. I feel like many players can get the idea even faster than me, which leaves the vaingloriousness.

I suppose one could ask if the nature, the Platonic form of playing one’s hand out before claiming victory contains arrogance and I kind of think it does. The act of revealing all possible cards instead of just using the lethal that is already sitting on the board just smacks to me of showboating, of a need to exhibit one’s prowess. But I can’t rely on my own opinions, being so influenced by irritation as they are. So I wonder, lovely people of the internet who may be wandering by - who’s worse? Me, the early conceder? Or them, the Devilish Taffy-Puller of My Devastation?

In this rage-fraught land of online gaming I feel its important to have good manners, and so I’m willing to suck it up and wait for the final blow if I can be convinced its the right thing to do. That’s not to say that I’m a complete gaming saint. I have Dark Templar rushed, cannon rushed, and gone full Void Ray in Starcraft. I have a deck in Hearthstone whose specific purpose is to throw people on tilt - that would be Secrets McTiltypants the mage. She doesn’t win a huge amount but it is goddamn hilarious when she does. I am currently working on a priest deck specifically to annoy people. I cackle evilly when I win, and rage when I lose just like the next person. But I try to tell people “Well Played” at least when they beat me, and finish the job quickly when I win. I don’t always succeed. I swear, playing Starcraft has turned me into a monster.

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