Heroes of the Storm: All the Love for Brightwing

After playing Heroes of the Storm for a while I think everyone has the experience of finding one (or more) heroes that just completely click with their playstyle. I was lucky to find mine pretty early, the sparkly and elusive Brightwing. I wanted to play her from the first I heard about the game, honestly. Why? She’s cute, and turns people into squirrels. If squirrels aren't a valid reason to play a hero, I really don’t know what is. Brightwing isn’t the only hero I wanted to play from the look alone - I dabble in E.T.C. for the same reason but I don’t feel as comfortable with him.

As Brightwing, and really any other support character, its important to know where you’re most needed at any given time. But you can also range around and lane on your own if you like, as she’s got the amazing Phase Shift ability that lets you teleport to an ally quickly. On that note, it's also important to know when to Phase Shift and when not to. I still struggle with warping into unwinnable fights because I feel like I should be helping. Also, I try not to warp in on an ally in the very front of the fight - I think its better to warp into the back of the fight and progress to the middle once you’re there. As Brightwing you have to stay close to your teammates to be of any help since your healing power is AoE. It is pretty damn awesome though. A good Brightwing paired with a warrior or melee assassin can be super annoying for the other team.

Anyways, I wanted to go over the talents and the build I usually use for Brightwing, which may be old news for many people who play Heroes. But I’ve never really been one to care about being late to the party. In any case, onwards to the talents! Also, for those who have actually played with me, keep in mind this is all how I would like to play Brightwing, not necessarily how I actually play. Because the fluster is real.

Arcane Flare: This talent is almost useless against Heroes in my opinion. Its slow to land and any player worth a damn can usually get out of the way. That does mean it has some interesting battlefield control potential, if you want to force an enemy hero out of a prime position. But I am not good enough to really judge that, so I mostly use this talent for killing minions. Because that’s all I use it for, nothing in my build augments it at all.

Polymorph: The whole reason I started playing Brightwing! Is an assassin about to get a killing blow on your teammate? BE A SQUIRREL. It’s great for disrupting assassins, getting the tank away from the center of battle, and so many other things. A good Polymorph can turn the tide of a battle in your favor. That’s a lot of what Brightwing (and probably other support characters too, I just haven’t played them) is all about, inserting herself into dire situations and making them less dire.

Pixie Dust: This is a multi-use talent. When I’m in a battle I spam it on whoever’s on the front lines, it also grants movement speed as well as blocking attacks. If one of your teammates is chasing down a weakened enemy you can throw it at them to boost their speed so they can close in for the kill. Or, if you’re being chased by a horde of enemy heroes you can use it on yourself to make a speedy retreat.

I’ve been playing around with my build for Brightwing, but this is what I’ve used most often. Heroesfire.com was used in the creation of this post, so shout outs to them. Its a really useful tool for exploring and fine tuning a hero build.

Level 1: Shield Dust. I’ve been toying with Bribe a bit, but the extra blocks that Shield Dust give prove so useful I’m kind of loathe to not have it.

Level 4: I used to go for Protective Shield all the time, to give you an extra little bit of support utility but lately I’ve been taking Envenom instead. When I remember to use it (again, the fluster is real) it's damn powerful in the early game. If I’m in a lane with a good damage dealer at the very beginning we can pretty much zone out all the competition with this combo, forcing them to retreat for the fountains easily. So I guess it depends on if you’re going for aggo-Brightwing or uber-support-Brightwing

Level 7: There is only one talent to take at this tier, and that’s Regenerative Rains. Seriously, extra healing every time you use a basic ability is golden. Brightwing’s cooldowns are relatively short, so your healing is almost doubled. (That is not a scientific figure, it is just something I pulled out of my head.) I always feel better about the game when I get to level 7 so I can take Regenerative Rains. Plus its a passive ability, and with my fat fingers the less abilities I have to deal with the better. Hey, I never said I was a nuanced player of Heroes.

Level 10: I personally have never used Blink Heal, I always go for Emerald Wind. It pushes enemies around you away and damages them. Its a serious battle-transformer. Since I’m almost always kind of in the middle of the action to maximize my healing effect on the party I use it a lot. Also, if you’re in a losing battle you can use it to push the enemy away so you can beat it.

Level 13: I usually go with Rewind, though sometimes I use Phase Shield. But the ability to instantly use all your basic abilities again is powerful, especially because that means a few extra healing pulses. If you keep your Brightwing kind of in the middle/back of the action, close to all the important heroes you can really turn your team into an unkillable monster. It is HELLA fun. That’s right, hella.

Level 16: This is another level with only one choice as far as I’m concerned. Critterize just has too awesome of a name, and paired with a damagey character you can end lives in an incredibly hilarious fashion. First, you are a crab. Then, you are an extra squishy crab. Then, you die because Zeratul was standing right there. Its humiliating for them, incredibly satisfying for me. Cue the evil laughter.

Level 20: Gotta go with Continuous Winds here. It gives you an extra couple pulses on the Emerald Wind ultimate, which makes a good tide-turner into a great tide-turner. It has also kept me from dying many, many times.

So that is how I like to build and play Brightwing, the shiniest of shiny fairy dragons. I know zip to zilch about Warcraft lore, but I want to read up on fairy dragons a little just because I love Brightwing so much. I’ve almost got her to level 10, and I’m sitting on enough gold for the Master skin although honestly I really like the Nether Fairy Dragon skin tint so I may stick with that and spend my gold on more heroes. Like Jaina, I’ve been really interested to see how she works.

Look! Buttons!


Some day, *shakes fist* as Doge is my witness, I will get to PLAY THE SHIT out of this game.

(Lookin' at YOU, Blizzard!)

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