Heeeeeeeyo I have a Twitch Channel!

Well, technically everyone does so that's not exciting.  Whatever, crazy lady that's like getting excited about your breakfast cereal.  Which is Cheerios, not Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Reese's Puffs.  What is exciting is there is going to be something on my Twitch channel!!  Hurray!

I've never really had the urge to stream myself playing games (except for that brief early Hearthstone period where I was entertaining the silly notion that I could become the Most Powerful Wizard in the land) because there's nothing really exceptional about me or my gaming skills.  Unless you count "most distance physically traveled trying to force Mario over a jump by jerking the controller" as being exceptional.  I which case I am the CHAMPION.  However, I've been wanting to run a Pathfinder campaign for a really long time - I actually did get it started briefly back in Seattle but it didn't go very far.  My friends and I were all in food service, and trying to get three bartenders to have the same 6 hours off is like herding cats.  Feral cats, and you don't have any thumbs.  But this campaign idea has been kicking around in my brain ever since and the other week a golden opportunity came about for me to run it and start my very first stream.

The first session is this Sunday from 12-4 PST and will probably be boring because it will be all about character creation.  But if anyone is interested in following the adventures of some awesome DayKnights on Sundays, and possibly watch me make an ass of myself imitating NPCs demonstrate my amazing shouting prowess go and follow my channel!  I'm really excited about this because there are so many moments in tabletop gaming over the years I really wish I had a video archive of.  There's a creativity and openness to tabletop RPGs that just isn't possible to have in the vidja games.  Also I'm an attention whore.

One last thing, I'm using roll20.net to run this game and so far it is a seriously sick little piece of programming.  Check it out if you're thinking of running a virtual game yourself!

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